Full Pour Review: Conviction

After only having Conviction by Denise Mina sitting on my shelf for about a year, I FINALLY got around to reading it 🤗 I really enjoyed this thriller! It was written in such a unique way and the characters were quirky and intriguing. I flew through this book very quickly- the storyline was fast paced, full of surprise twists and turns, and difficult to put down.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: “The day Anna McDonald’s quiet, respectable life exploded started off like all the days before: Packing up the kids for school, making breakfast, listening to yet another true crime podcast. Then her husband comes downstairs with an announcement, and Anna is suddenly, shockingly alone.

Reeling, desperate for distraction, Anna returns to the podcast. Other people’s problems are much better than one’s own — a sunken yacht, a murdered family, a hint of international conspiracy. But this case actually is Anna’s problem. She knows one of the victims from an earlier life, a life she’s taken great pains to leave behind. And she is convinced that she knows what really happened.

Then an unexpected visitor arrives on her front stoop, a meddling neighbor intervenes, and life as Anna knows it is well and truly over. The devils of her past are awakened — and they’re in hot pursuit. Convinced she has no other options, Anna goes on the run, and in pursuit of the truth, with a washed-up musician at her side and the podcast as her guide.”

I really liked the way the book was written. Throughout this book, the reader is essentially going back and forth between listening to a podcast and reading a tell-all book written by the main character, Anna McDonald. This tell-all book stems from the wild adventure that Anna and her BFF’s ex-husband, Fin, embarked on after listening to a true crime podcast and discovering that Anna knows one of the victims.

Without giving anything away, there was a lot going on in this book- Life as Anna presently knows it is disintegrating before her eyes, her past life that she is no longer able to hide from is resurfacing at an uncontrollable speed, and navigating both of these situations as they weave interchangeably. You spend a lot of time going back and forth from past to present and connecting a lot of dots, which definitely kept the book exciting. However, because there is so much going on and at such a fast pace, a lot of the story details and character development end up feeling fairly surface level. Despite feeling this way, I was satisfied with how I got to know what happened to Anna in the past, witness her face her worst fears, and ultimately come out of hiding and grow into a much stronger, braver person because of all this.

While the ending was super action packed, it felt rushed and lacked some context that I wish we spent more time on. If you’ve read this book already, I would love to discuss the ending further with you and hear your thoughts!

If you’re a fan of true crime podcasts and looking for an intriguing who-done-it thriller that’s fast-paced and action packed, I definitely think you should check out Conviction by Denise Mina. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I look forward to exploring more of her books!

BEER RECOMMENDATION: Conviction by Denise Mina is best paired with Pinkies Up! by Tripping Animals Brewing Co. This delicious fruited sour ale is brewed with passion fruit, guava, brown sugar and peach 🍻

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