Full Pour Review: Judgement Detox

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Judgment Detox is a really light and refreshing, “feel good” spiritual book that will leave you wanting to reference it long after you’ve finished reading. You do not need to be a religious person by any means to enjoy this book and appreciate the valuable lessons that it provides. Gabby’s Judgment Detox is a six-step practice that provides the reader with thorough direction on how to decrease judgment in their lives through the practice of witnessing their own judgments without judgment, honoring their wounds and trauma, surrendering fear-based judgments by choosing to see the light, making an effort to see people for the first time, and understanding the importance of forgiveness in order to let go of harmful resentments that have been held on to.

Each step builds off of the other and within each step, the reader is called to take action on the lessons taught via journaling prompts, meditating, praying, experimenting with The Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as “tapping”), and more. Each of these principles are intended for the reader to implement in their daily lives in order to help let go of resentments as well as to develop a healthier relationship to judgment that will allow them to be more mindful of how they respond to it when it arises. These steps and principles are easy to follow and serve as loving, gentle guides to helping you let go of judgments and resentments you have developed. Many of these techniques also provide “miracle moments” of quick relief that help raise your mood in an instant, allowing the reader to see just how quickly and easy it can be to change our thoughts and how much power we have in creating our happiness.

If you’re in a slump and feel like your mind is constantly focused on the negatives, are tired of feeling guilty of judging yourself and others, or simply want guidance on how to create your own happiness and transition your fear-based thoughts to a place of love, this is the book for you. In a time when we are surrounded by so much judgment and negativity, this book couldn’t have come at a better time to remind us that we are not so different from one another after all, and how important it is to take a look inward and do our best to be the light we want to see in the world in order to best serve ourselves as well as others.

Beer Recommendation:

Judgment Detox is best paired with Guayabera by Cigar City. This tropical, juicy pale ale with citrus notes and Citra hops is light and refreshing with a nice little punch of bitterness to it. Like this book, Guayabera will taste like the mental vacation you didn’t realize you needed and leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

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